Crenshaw and Butler Counties Elect New Sheriffs

It’s been a whirlwind of emotion for Terry Mears and Danny Bond.

Terry Mears beat out opponent Rome Odom in Tuesday’s election to win the Crenshaw County Sheriff seat.
“I’m grounded. I am still grounded. I’m the same guy I was yesterday,” Mears said.

Bond becomes the sheriff-elect of Butler County, receiving more votes than his two opponents.
“I’m just happy. I’m a happy fellow. I sure am…”

Mears has served in law enforcement for 13 years, with over a decade experience as an investigator. He is wanting to bring that experience into the office. Drugs are what Mears says he plans to focus on.

“If I attack my dope first, that’ll probably take care of some of my thieving and will probably take care of any murders.”

Mears says he wants to be presence in the community and the school system.

“It’s important to them to know that somebody cares about them while they’re away from home,” Mears said.

Butler County Sheriff-elect Bond says he wants to see his department be active in the community.

“I want the Sheriff’s department to be proactive, not reactive. We’ve got to get out in the community. We have got to be seen. We’ve got to talk to the people that live here,” Bond said.

Bond was to address the drug problem in the area and wants to make schools safer.

“School safety: one of my goals is to make sure that each school has in this county has a school resource officer,” Bond said.

Mears and Bond will officially take their respective offices in January 2019.

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