What’s Next for Jeff Sessions?

Alabama’s own Jeff Sessions is out as Attorney General and political analyst Steve Flowers says it comes as no surprise.

“I think Sessions was in the dog house because I think Trump wanted someone to do his bidding. And Sessions was doing the right thing by recusing himself in that regard. But having said that, we’ll see what Trump’s intentions are to get his own Attorney General so he can tell them what to do,” said Flowers.

Flowers says Sessions has a had a great career and is well respected among his peers.

“Jeff Sessions has a lot of integrity. He was our junior Senator for 20 years. Prior to that, he was a U.S. Attorney in Mobile and the Attorney General of Alabama for almost eight years,” said Flowers.

So what’s next?
Flowers says there is a chance Sessions could come back to his old Senate seat.

“Sessions is not a young kid, he is 72-years-old now. Does he want to go back to his Senate seat? He could be re-elected to his Senate seat, which could be a logical path for him. But does he want to go back to it at 72-years-old? He could still regain his seniority that he has built in the Senate,” said Flowers.

The Senate seat is up for re-election in 2020.

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