Congresswoman Martha Roby Reacts to Republican Loss of House Majority

After almost a decade, Democrats are once again calling the shots in the U.S House of Representatives.

Alabama News Network spoke with Republican Martha Roby to speak with her about how her party can effectively continue to fulfill its agenda, now that it’s the minority party.

Despite the Republican party’s loss, Rep. Roby seems to be still very confident in the future of her party as they push through continuing their work for the nation.

Many voters made their voices heard in Tuesday’s midterm election, giving Democrats power in the House.

Just 2 days after the republican’s loss congresswoman Martha Roby says the work to regain the majority starts now.
We’re already working everyday to make sure that our conservative agenda- that we continue these ideas across the finish line to the president’s desk,” says Roby.
Roby says getting to that finish line now, may be tougher.
“We’re going to have to work with all of our colleagues on the things that we can agree upon in order to work for the people of our state and for our country,” says Roby.
Besides getting to work quickly to regain the majority, Roby says unity in the Republican party is the only way  to tackle the critical issues facing the nation.
“I think we very clearly have a unified front when it comes to our conservative priorities working with the White House to get things done for our military, our nation’s veterans, for agriculture, for border security and fighting for the unborn. I think you will see Republicans stick together-absolutely and find ways that we can work with our colleagues without compromising our principle,” says Roby.
The Democrats were able to gain 23 seats to get them to the 218 seats required for the majority of the House.
While the Democrats control the House, the Republicans are the majority in the Senate.
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