Mayor Outlines Expectations of Newly Elected School Board

The Montgomery County School Board is turning a new leaf in leadership, that many including Montgomery Mayor Todd Strange believe was long overdue.

For months leading up to the mid-term elections, Strange openly encouraged voters to replace MPS board members if they were unhappy with their leadership.

A newly elected board will now be tasked with some of the same issues as the previous board including struggling finances and low student achievement. While many are looking to the school board for stability and solutions, the mayor says it’s also important that board members will be able to cooperate well with each other.

“For whatever reason that other board just wasn’t effective, and one of the AdvancED reports said that it was the disharmony and disunity was really one of the issues” Strange said.

AdvancED is a non-profit, non-governmental organization that accredits primary and secondary schools. During their last visit to MPS in May , the accrediting body changed MPS accreditation status to “under review”   and gave the the school system until December 2018 to indicate “significant improvement”.

As for long term expectations of the board and school system: “we’re talking about a number of years before we get to where we really need to be” the mayor admitted, ” but we can see guidelines along the way that can really demonstrate progress, the first is AdvancED report the second would be the $9 million (unbalanced budget) and the third would be to figure out which schools that we would have to consolidate”.

The mayor is not only offering advice to the newly elected board members to  “be serious about the board training that you’re going to get, be serious about the issues that come up and to be prepared, do your homework, understand what the issues are, and if you don’t ask the questions”…but says its ultimately up to parents and community members to hold them accountable.

The newly elected school board will be sworn in December 4th, and meet for the first time December 18th
MPS has not announced exactly when the The AdvancED accreditation teem will visit in December.










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