Meeksville Community Residents Fearing for Safety On Roadways

Residents of the small Meeksville community in Pike County are fearing for their safety after they say eighteen-wheelers have become a problem on their roadways.

“We’ve been having so much traffic. It really goes really, really fast in this community, which we never had before,” long-time resident Annie Gipp said.

Gipp is just one resident who says she’s afraid to be out on the county roads.

She says eighteen-wheelers carrying debris from the building site of the new Rex Lumber Company are making residents uncomfortable.

“It’s really small up in here. And we have a lot of elder people, you know, in this community that are not used to that,” Gipp said.

Retired veteran Jeffery Scott is the owner of Scotty’s Country Store.
He says the store has been a center in the community for decades. Customers have noticed the speeding trucks.

“The trucks here, they do come through here pretty fast and thats something that the community is not used to,” Scott said. “We don’t want none of our kids getting hurt.”

We reached out to the Pike County Sheriff’s Department, which have assured they’re patrolling the area. They say they haven’t received any complaints.

Gipp says bringing companies into the community is a welcome change, as long as everyone is respectful of one another.

“I got grand kids and I’m looking forward to having great grand kids,” Gipp said. “I want it to be safe for all the kids thats in the community.”

We reached out to Rex Lumber, who we are told is in charge of hiring the construction company. We have not heard back at the time of this post.

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