Perry Co. Schools Conduct Gang Prevention & Awareness Training

From the West Alabama Newsroom–

The Perry County School District is increasing its effort to prevent gangs and gang related activities from infiltrating schools.

School officials say a recent outbreak of gang activity at R. C. Hatch High School — signaled the need to take action.

Gang experts were brought in to warn students about getting involved with gangs.

They told students that gang membership usually leads to one of three places — jail — the hospital — or the cemetery.

“You know I spoke to all the kids from first to seniors. They were all in the gym,” said Perry Co. District Attorney Michael Jackson.

“Spoke to them and most of them want to learn, so we gone root out these ones that want to be little gunslingers and gang members. We gone root them out and stamp them out.”

School officials say some additional gang training has been set up for teachers.

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