Fundraising Journey for Handley High Band Runs Through Selma

From the West Alabama Newsroom–

An Alabama high school band director is on a 415 mile journey on foot — in an effort to raise money for his students to go to the Sugar Bowl.

Handley High School Band Director Matthew Goodman is literally going the extra mile for his students.

Goodman is running all the way to New Orleans — and passed through Selma — Tuesday morning.

He says the campaign is an effort to raise the funds needed to take the band to the Sugar Bowl.

“The band was selected to perform at the 2019 Sugar Bowl in New Orleans, Louisiana. And we’ve done a lot of fund raisers to try and raise the funds to get kids there. We’re about one-third of the way and what I realize is resources and opportunity should not be limited to just those kids whose parents can afford to send them,” said Goodman.

“And so, me as an educator, if I’m not willing to go the extra mile for the kids, then who is?”

Goodman says the total cost of the trip is about $80,000 dollars.

If you would like to help these young people perform at the Sugar Bowl — donation can be sent to:

Handley High School
100 Tiger Circle
Roanoke, AL 36274

A Go-Fund-Me account has also been set up to raise money for the band. Go to and search for Handley High School Band Sugar Bowl.

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