Pike County Salvation Army Needs Help As Holiday Season Ramps Up

While some people are busy planning their holiday traditions, there are some families who worry they may not get to enjoy the holidays. That is where the Pike County Salvation Army is stepping in to help the growing needs in the community.

Every year, the organization has an angel adoption tree. It is filled with names of kids in need of clothing and toys. Within days, this year’s tree was empty, according to Director Kim May.

“We had like 120 kids. They’re all adopted.”

May says this highlights important needs of the community, as holiday season gets into full swing.

“We help with furniture, clothing, of course food. We have rent, utilities, hotel rooms, medication, disaster relief. So pretty much, we help with anything,” May said.

She says the community has been instrumental in organizing drives to help the cause.

“A lot of clubs, organizations, fraternities, and churches all have food drives for us.”

But helping to feed the hungry is the main reason the Salvation Army is there.

“Of course, the need for food is all year long. We have the food bank here and we give out food every day of the year,” May said.

As the temperature drops, the Salvation Army wants to provide warmth to those in need.

“It gets cold, and a lot of people dont have money to pay their heating bills,” May said.

The Pike County Salvation Army is needing all the help it can get to help families this holiday season.
If you are interested in finding out ways to help the organization, you can visit their website at www.salvationarmyusa.org, or visit their Facebook page here. Their number is (334) 808-1069.


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