13-Year-Old Creates Card Game, Waiting for Funding

A brand new card game that is sure to add excitement to your family game night could be released in the near future. You might be surprised, however, at who its creator is.

The gmae is called Face to Face. It takes place in a world where animals have disappeared. Players must work with a deck of cards to put them back into their habitat.

Face to Face was created by a student taught by Troy University professor Scout Blum.

“Going through the process of playing games and developing games has been just something that really helps students with the learning process,” Blum said.

The student is a part of Blum’s Boy Scout Merit Badge class, her 13-year-old, son, Aidan Blum. Aiden is student at Montgomery Catholic Prep.

“Ithought it was really exciting and it kinda turned into a complete game that is actually something that someone can play,” Aiden said.

Aidan used index cards and colored markers to create the drawings for his cards. Then, he formed his rules. Face to Face was brought to life using the help of a Troy University marketing team and graphic design student, Mason Guttensohn.

“It was really fun when we got to the Troy stuff, and we got to choose whose design we wanted,” Aiden said. Out of several options, he chose Guttensohn’s.

“It was definitely an adventure because it created many late nights and early mornings and little sleep,” Guttensohn said. “But it was definitely worth it because its actually helped me develop an illustration style.”

The Blums are waiting on funding to help jump start the game. Aidan picked the site called ‘Kickstarter’ to launch his new game. He’s currently trying to round up funding that could seal the process.

Doctor Blum says she’s really proud of her son’s hard work and dedication throughout the process.

“I’m really really proud of him. You know, it’s hard to start with an idea and keep going with it. It’s been a year that we’ve pretty much been working on this.”

Aidan says he has an idea for a future game. He’s planning to see the Face to Face project through to the finish before working on something else.

If you’re interested in helping fund the game or want to know more, you can click here.



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