Pike County’s Farm City Banquet Recognizes Relationship Between Farm and City Livelihood

Alabama is known for crops it supplies. However, there is a relationship that must take place between the rural and urban areas to bring success. 

In the city of Troy,  recognition is given each year in Pike County who help make that relationship a successful one, through the area’s Farm City Committee Banquet. 

“We need the farmers to produce the crops and then we need the  towns to supply us with distribution and storage to put products and workers to come to the farms,”  Pike County Farm-City Committee member Katie Thomas said. 

From the smallest farmer to those who have been in the farming industry for decades, award winners are nominated by those who feel that nominee goes above and beyond and then chosen by the Committee.

“We recognize  children in poster and essay contests and then adults are recognized in different fields of agriculture, row-cropping, conservation, forestry,” Farm City Chair Randy Hale said.  

Some of this years award winners say they were grateful for the honors they’ve received…. 

“I grew up here in Pike County,” Keith Roling, winner of the 2018 Service to Agriculture Award, said. “I’ve been here all my life. I grew up on a farm in Northern Pike County, I am very honored to be presented an award by this Farm City Committee.”

“It’s pretty amazing, actually,” Alisa Kay Culpepper said. “I’m pretty excited about it. This is the first award that ive gotten like this and its pretty exciting.”

Culpepper won the 2018 Female Youth Award Recipient.  She says being involved in activities, like 4H and Future Farmers of America, can prepare younger generations for a future in the industry.

“There’s a lot of things that are out there for the youth and it gets them really involved and gets them the experience that a lot of people look for in the future ready for the future,” Culpepper said.

At the awards ceremony, Pike County leaders signed an official Farm City Week Pledge declaring this week as Farm City Week. The week will end on Saturday.

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