Dallas Co. District Attorney: Danger Part of the Job

From the West Alabama Newsroom–

The attack on Marengo County District Attorney Greg Griggers spotlights the potential danger that comes along with being a D-A.

Griggers was shot Thursday afternoon when he was ambushed near his office in Demopolis by former state trooper Steve Smith.

Griggers is recovering from the attack and the motive in the shooting is unclear.

Dallas County D-A Michael Jackson says being a district attorney is a dangerous job.

He says its easy to make enemies when your job is to prosecute crimes and send criminals to jail.

“My job is to get these gunslingers off the street and that’s what we gone keep doing,” said Jackson.

“I feel bad for Greg Griggers. Super hard worker. Loves his job and so that does hit home in that sense but for my own personal safety I don’t worry about that too much.”

Jackson says D-A’s work closely with law enforcement and that provides a measure of security.

The Griggers shooting remains under investigation by the State Bureau of Investigation.

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