Troy University Unveils Renovated TrojanVision Studio Made Possible by Former Broadcaster and Congressman Earl Hutto

Troy University’s student-run television news operation has won awards for years.  Now, students, faculty, and staff are working in a new state of the art studio.

“Even though it’s still student based we feel like we’ve already got our job that we want to have for the rest of our lives,” says Troy University Student, Briana Jones.

The renovated studio includes a completely new set.

“There are so many cool things about the lights and we have TV’s everywhere to see,” says Jones.

While the university has strived to have cutting edge technology for years, this new studio was done with the help of broadcaster and former congressman Earl Hutto. He and his wife Nancy donated $100,000 towards the project.

“The good Lord has really blessed me for so many years and to have this named after me is great,” says Hutto.

“I’ve already seen students up their game in this environment to match the setting and the rest of the look of the station. The students are really trying their best being more ambitious,” says Troy University Television Manager Kyle Bozeman.

Students say the new studio will help them perfect their broadcast news skills.

“I think that it has brought us closer together especially the seniors because we spent most of the semester because we spent most of the semester hoping that it gets done together,” says Troy University Student Anna Kate Patterson.

“I think it will impress students that we’re the real thing that we’re not just playing at it in terms of other students who are already here and prospective students,” says Bozeman.

Students produce three 30-minute newscasts each weekday. Many of the news stories are about the Troy community.

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