Georgiana 8-Year-Old Boy Battling Disease, Mother Pleads for Help

This holiday season can be stressful time for many families across the state. Buying presents while supplying for the needs of the family can take the joy out of Christmas.

One family is trying to stay positive through hardships the family is facing. Eight-year-old Jayden Middleton of Georgiana is suffering from Childhood Intestinal Failure. It is a disease that happens when intestines can’t receive the proper nutrients, and leads to malnourishment and problems with other organs.

His mother, Shannon Middleton, says if anyone saw Jayden around, you wouldn’t know that he’s dealing with an illness.

“He’s very upbeat, cracking jokes, happy. He’s not a cryer, not a whiner. just overall, happy,” Middleton says.

She says within a year of Jayden’s birth, she knew something was wrong.

“I did wonder, you know, how when babies are having a bowel movement, usually they scrunch up their face or they turn red. I noticed he never did that”

After several evaluations and surgeries, doctors diagnosed Jayden with Childhood Intestinal Failure. He says the constant travel to Children’s Hospital in Birmingham is something he doesn’t like to do.

He hasn’t let his illness stop him from being a kid as much as he possibly can.
“I like to play games with my brothers and friends,” Jayden says.

His mother wants others to learn more about the disease.
“I’m finding out that a lot of kids actually do have an underlying problem as we do,” Middleton says.

She also wants people to remember those around them through the holiday season.

“The other thing is that I think people need to take a look at their neighbor, because I think a lot of times, they’re forgotten.”

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