Plans Coming Together To Bring Whiskey Distillery to Pike County

It’s been over a year since plans were announced to bring the Conecuh Ridge Distillery whiskey company to Pike County. City leaders say progress is being made to finalize zoning in the Heritage Ridge Subdivision for the project.

“We did a few more updates to getting the distillery on track to start constuction,” Troy City Council President Marcus Paramore says.

At a city council meeting earlier this week, the council approved funding that will be used to build an access road leading from the proposed distillery site to the highway.

“It’ll take a turn lane off of Trojan Way and build a road from Trojan Way into where the main facility of the distillery will be,” Paramore says.

The city is investing $1.7 million to purchase a little over 80 acres of land. The property is now waiting to go through a rezoning process.

“As with any development, if the parcel is not zoned appropriately for the developments coming in, it’s going to need to be rezoned,” Planning and Zoning Administrator Melissa Sanders says.

The process includes several steps, including an application, a planning commission hearing, and two hearings from the city council.

“It’s reviewed administratively to make sure it conforms to the the zoning regulations and other regulations,” Sanders says.

The Conecuh Ridge Distillery has promised an investment of at least $13.5 million into the economy and at least 50 jobs.
Paramore says the distillery will be more than a whiskey-making facility.

“The company has committed to building several venues out there. An amphitheatre, and a chapel, and kinda making it a mini city so that you can all kinds of events in the process,” Paramore says.

Once final plans for construction and rezoning have been approved, ground breaking for the distillery is expected to begin late summer or early fall 2019. It could take around 12 to 18 months to complete.

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