Montgomery Public Schools to Undergo Accreditation Review Next Week

AdvancedEd will review Montgomery Public Schools progress starting on Monday.

MPS was labeled “accredited under review” by AdvancedEd in May and now it’s time for the group to revisit the system. Board member Lesa Keith says she has spoken with MPS teachers and is confident about what the team will find.

“I think they’re going to see what Mr. Terry Roller has done, what the superintendent has done. she has opened up more lines of communication – if you remember she did the town hall meeting. there’s more district communication throughout,” says board member Lesa Keith.

The review focuses on several areas including student achievement. AdvanceEd found Montgomery public schools needed improvement in 19 out of 31 standards. Dr. Andre Harrison of AdvancedEd says the review will include classroom observations and a review of evidence that shows progress.

“The teachers have had extensive training in making their lessons standard based. the teachers are learning differentiated strategies to be able to work with the different learning styles of our kids,” says Keith.

Keith says the system has made progress but there is still room for more improvement.

“There are some apprehensions because we still have the teacher absentees student absentees. lack of the student knowledge, where you have students that fail an elementary year and then they’re passed on because of summer school – you’re dealing with so many different students in that classroom and problems,” says Keith.

Keith also says all of the problems can’t be solved overnight.

“With a new board, the new faces, an all woman board I’m excited and I think AdvancedEd is going to be impressed with that,” says Keith.

AdvanceEd’s report is expected to be completed in 30 to 45 days after the review.

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