Annual Holiday House Kicks Off Christmas Season in Selma

From the West Alabama Newsroom–

The 40th Annual Holiday House is underway in Selma. The arts and crafts sale is a Selma Christmas tradition that marks the holiday season in the city each year.

“That’s right, you bet it. I was driving by and I saw everything was open and I said Wow, I got to come in. And of course everything is just great,” said Selma resident Terry Striedieck.

Holiday House features hand-crafted knick-knacks and baked goods from more than two dozen local vendors.

The event is sponsored by the Selma and Dallas County Historic Preservation Society and the Old Depot Museum.

Organizers say it’s the perfect place to find that unique gift idea for that special someone on your Christmas list.

“This is the perfect place. You can have it monogrammed here. We have items that can have the name or their initials put on something. And you can order it one day and pick it up the next. You don’t have to wait til it comes in the mail or shipped through Amazon or what have you and the money will stay right here in Dallas County,” said Holiday House volunteer Candi Duncan.

The holiday festival runs through December 15th at the Striplin Performing Arts Center downtown.

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