Montgomery City Council Looks at Business Licenses, Residential Properties

The City of Montgomery is defining what can be done at residential properties.
And how trying to obtain a business license can impact it.

“Very simple. It says you have to have a business license for a rental property. Well, to have a rental property in a residential neighborhood you can’t have a business in a residential neighborhood, so right there you got a conflict,” said Mayor Todd Strange.

Councilman Tracy Larkin wanted to change that. He sponsored a resolution to change the law. But it was vetoed by the mayor on a technical issue.

“The legal department interpreted that as an effort to take a resolution and to make an ordinance out of it. To make a law out of a resolution is not law. It’s a resolve to do something. So technically they decided to go ahead and veto that language,” said Larkin.

The mayor agrees it is a problem and there needs to be more allowance when it comes to obtaining a business license.

“We’ve got over 200 Airbnb’s, if not more. Those are the ones we know about. But there is no income coming from those Airbnb rentals because there is no business license because they are in a residence and they are doing a business. All that has to be sorted out,” said Strange.

The finance department will be presenting a plan of action for business licenses and rental properties on December 18th.

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