Former Alabama Rep. Perry Hooper, Jr. Remembers Late President George H.W. Bush

While the nation mourns President George H.W. Bush, former Alabama Representative Perry Hooper Jr. shares the impact bush had on Alabama.

Hoopers has many stories to tell of President George H.W. Bush. On many occasions Hooper spoke with Bush who also had a longtime friendship with his father – former Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice Perry Hooper Sr.

“They talked issues, they cut up some, but for the most part, they talked about what they needed to do to make the country even better than it is,” says Hooper.

Hooper shared some of his favorite photos of Bush – one of he and his wife Judy greeting Bush and another of his father with Bush and Bass Masters founder Ray Scott.

“You can what they are talking about – fishing and politics,” says Hooper.

Hooper’s mother was also close to the late president and his wife Barbara Bush.

“Mom loved Barbara Bush and they spent a number of weekends in D.C. visiting with the president and the first lady. They were just totally a class act.”

Perry says he will remember Bush as one of America’s change-makers.

“He did so many great things building up our military and confidence back in to the USA just a good man,” says Hooper.

He says Bush leaves behind a great legacy.

“We’ll miss him but he’ll go down as being one of the greatest presidents of all time,” says Hooper.

Hooper also shared with me that one of his best moments with the late president was in the early 90’s when Bush presented him with an award for helping to pass the volunteerism act in Alabama.

Bush also visited Alabama on many occasions.

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