Virginia College Campuses Suddenly Close


Virginia College students in Montgomery got quite a surprise when they went to class Wednesday.
They arrived to take their finals for nursing school and found out the school was closing.
We talked to one of them who did not want her name or face on camera.

“We are all just devastated because we have committed so much of our life and everybody is trying to work and pay for things and just a shock to everybody. We don’t even know what to feel, how to feel, we are just trying to comfort each other and find a way around this. We have all shed so many tears today already. I don’t know if we have anymore to shed,” said the student.

Education Corporation of America, the parent company of Virginia College, said in October that the demand for its services had dropped. And the Virginia College campuses would close by April 2020. But now the doors are closing immediately. Parents are upset as well.

“She graduated from school here. She took her first board exam and got an 85 on it. Scheduled to take her second board exams and they won’t send the paperwork over for her to be able to get her license,” said mom Shirley Stringfellow.

“You feel heartbroken when you have a child you are helping to get through school and then they do everything they are supposed to do and then they can’t get their license and further their life. It hurts you as a mother because you see your child hurting and it’s just wrong,” said Stringfellow.

Students are trying to find out if their credits can transfer to another school.
The good news is… There is already one that is offering services for cosmetology students.

“When you pay monies to go to school and to have the door slammed in your face, after unsurety, it’s not a good feeling, so whatever we can do to get over the hump we are willing to do,” said Koniqueka Thompson of Transitions Technical College Inc.

One student said the school made her pay for her next quarter the day before the announcement of the closing. Now she doesn’t know if she will be able to get that money back.
Our phone calls were not answered at the corporate office as of news time.

The Education Corporation of America’s website says there should be more information regarding the closings on their website around December 17th.

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