Harlem Globetrotters in the Capital City

With their many tricks and jaw dropping jams, the Harlem Globetrotters entertained people of all ages at Garrett Coliseum Thursday evening.

Some kids say they have watched the Globetrotters on YouTube, and they are excited to see them in person.

“I saw ‘Hammer,’ he got on top of a 50 feet tall hotel and he jumped off and he had dunked the shot,” said 11-year-old Christopher Perkins.

“This year our tour is called the ‘Fan Power’ tour so we are going to be interacting with the fans as much as possible . There will be over 20 occasions where the fans will be able to interact with the players. And that is over 30 percent increase than we have had in any past games. And we have been around 93 years. So it’s going to be a blast,” said Globetrotter Jet Rivers.

Four-year-old James David Dees was one of the lucky ones that got some time on the court with the players.
And he even picked up a few tricks of his own.

Rivers  says it means the world for him to do something he has always been inspired by.

“I know personally, for me, I remember being a kid and looking up to people, and so I understand how important it is just a simple interaction a kid or even a teenager or even an adult can give that much more hope. It’s definitely important,” said Rivers.

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