Virginia College Students Seek Answers After Sudden Closing

Virginia College students in Montgomery say they are frustrated and confused because they’ve been told conflicting information about the next steps in continuing their education, and what will be done with the money they’ve already paid in tuition.

Wednesday, the school suddenly announced its closing and students received an email that Virginia College’s accreditation was being pulled.
Students were notified in October that Virginia college campuses nationwide were slated to close in April of 2020 because “the demand for its services had dropped”, according to Education Corporation of America, the parent company of Virginia College.

News of the sudden closing came just as students were completing final exams. They’re now weighing their options with little direction, they say, from the school.

Education Corporation of America, has said that it will announce more information on its website  December 17th, but for many students that’s not soon enough.

Thursday students showed up to the campus trying to get answers from the staff there.  One student, Vikita Foster said she had finished all of her classes and was supposed to show up to her last exam Friday morning to receive her certification for medical coding and billing. Thursday afternoon she was told by a teacher to “show up anyway”, with no guarantee the test would be administered.

“They haven’t given us any answers, they said they can’t answer any questions” she said after walking out of the campus on Atlanta Highway  “there really isn’t any higher figure or authority in there, there’s only 2 teachers  in there and they are not really providing an answers because they don’t know much”.

Fellow student, Julia Harris,  said that after she was given the run around on the phone she showed up to the campus trying to get clarity.  She says she was told that students will not be getting reimbursed for their tuition, but should instead apply for loan forgiveness through a federal agency. “The most everyone keeps telling us to do is to call back at a later date” she said “some people are telling us to keep coming to class, other people are telling us that class is over”.

Other students tell Alabama News Network  they can’t even access their transcripts or any of their information needed to transfer. As students described, there were only a handful of staff and teachers on campus when we showed up  Thursday afternoon. Some were seen packing up their cars.

When asked what type of information they have been able to provide to inquiring students, or what information they have been given from the school’s parent company about their future at Virginia College, they declined to comment.

A student from Virginia College tells Alabama News Network that they’re planning to demand answers at a protest at the school Friday morning. Some students also plan to file a lawsuit.





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