Holiday Driving Safety

State DOT Offers Safety Advice for Drivers

From The Alabama Department of Transportation:


Top 3 Holiday Highway Safety Tips

         1. Drive sober.

In December 2016, there were 781 people in the United States that lost their lives in drunk-driving crashes.

2. Always wear a seat belt, including passengers in front and rear seats.

The odds greatly favor those wearing a seat belt. The latest data shows that about 60 percent of Alabamians who die in vehicle crashes are not buckled up. In comparison, about 98 percent of people involved in vehicle crashes that are unharmed were reported to have been wearing their seat belts.

3. Put away cell phones and other distractions.

Drivers are 23 times more likely to be in a crash if they are texting and driving.

For more safe driving tips visit the Drive Safe Alabama Facebook page.

Throughout the year, ALDOT limits road construction during major holiday weekends. Emergency lane closures may be possible based on specific circumstances on interstates and other state roadways.

For further information, visit Motorists can access real-time, road work, traffic and weather conditions through or by downloading the ALGO Traffic app in the Apple App Store and on Google Play. ALDOT asks motorist to use ALGO Traffic responsibly.

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