Wagons For Carlie a Huge Success

Five-year-old Carlie Nolen may be handicapped, but you wouldn’t know it if you met her.

“She may be bound to a wheelchair, but her personality’s not,” Carlie’s father Kyle Nolen says. “She’s one of those that she can just take whatever God puts in front of her and use it to her advantage.”

The Nolen family has been in and out of the hospital since Carlie and her twin sister Charlie were born. The two developed twin-to-twin syndrome, which affects blood flow while in the uterus.
In September 2018, Carlie spent the night at Children’s Hospital.

“She developed hydrocephalous, which is fluid on the brain,” Carlie’s mother Ashley Nolen says.  “They had to do surgery on her.”

While attempting to take their belongings to Carlie’s room, the family needed to use wagons the hospital offers to help with transportation.

“They started talking to some of the nurses and they kinda told them that they had a shortage on wagons,” Kyle Nolan says. “So they thought this could be a good ministry and outreach to get wagons for the children that needed them and for the hospital when theyre running short.”

Thus, Wagons for Carlie drive was born. The family began collecting wagons to help the hospital in honor of Carlie. It didn’t long before the donations began rolling in.

Those wagons will help the hospital make life easier for its patients and their families.

“It also gives the kids a sense of normality when they have to go from the room to an operating table, instead of riding a bed down they can ride a wagon,” Kyle Nolan says.

The goal was 10 wagons. 65 wagons have now been collected, along with toys for the Sugar Plum Shop.

“i know being in the hospital on Christmas, during Christmas was a tough time in our life, so maybe bring some joy this year for them,” Ashley Nolen says.

Carlie’s family will take the first load of wagons Friday, December 20th, just in time for Christmas.

The Nolen’s would like to thank everyone who gave their time, efforts, and donations for the Wagons For Carlie Drive.

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