Selma Officers Charged by Attorney General Appear in Court

From the West Alabama Newsroom–

Three Selma police officers charged with making false statements to an Attorney General’s Office investigator — were in court Friday morning in Selma.

Attorneys for Lt. Tory Neely — Sgt. Jeff Hardy — and Sgt. Kendall Thomas — filed a motion to dismiss the indictment against the officers because it does not specify what the officers did wrong.

They also filed a motion to have the state reduce the number of documents they’ve submitted — down to only the ones they plan to use in the case.

“This whole thing is an outrage,” said attorney Julian McPhillips.

“We think there’s a connection between the charges against them coming from the Attorney General and working its way up to the chief of police and to the mayor. It’s just another reason why we need a huge change of administration in this town.”

The attorney general office is challenging the judge hearing the case.

And the city is denying the officers a personnel board hearing.

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