People Across the River Region React to The Highs and Lows of 2018

As 2018 comes to a close, people are speaking out about what made this year memorable.
We spoke with people who say 2018 was filled with full of highs and lows, both personally and nationally.

There are many issues they hope will be resolved in 2019.

“It’s been a pretty good year,” new Montgomery, Alabama resident Robert Dalton says. “I got a new job in Montgomery.”

“Well, it was a good year for me personally in terms of my own blessings with my family and the work that i do,” Montgomery tourist Steven Silber says.

For others, 2018 was a season of change.

“It was an up and down year,” Quortney Mcleod says. “You know, it was a year where there was a lot of challenging things that were going on both, you know, personally and as a country.”

“It’s kinda been a roller-coaster year for me,” Montgomery resident Jenna Paulson says.  “It started out pretty bad but things really improved.”

2018 brought new beginnings in different locations.

“I actually made a cross-country move so that was a big change and i got to be closer to family,” Lauren Nelson says.

“Moving is always a traumatic event, especially when you do it yourself,” Director for the Army Foreign Liaison Jay Smith says. “So that was a lot of fun and not so much fun for my kids.”

People say there are many issues that stick out from 2018 and they hope those will be addressed in the new year.

“Many problems stem from poverty, lack of education, lack of healthcare,” Silber says. “I hope that we can pass bills that will fund education, will fund infrastructure.”

The government shutdown, the southern border, and the opioids crisis are other important issues people say need to be focused on.

“The whole opioid crisis is just tragic,” Paulson says. “And I’ve seen first hand how hit can just destroy people’s lives and I think more needs to be done, more resources, more help available. ”

Mcleod says he’s wishing to see more cross-country unity in 2019.
“I really hope that we come together as a country and we stop thinking about how we’re different and we start kinda embracing how we’re similar.”

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