National Historic Sites Closed During Partial Government Shutdown

We are ten days into the partial government shutdown, and some of the effects are being felt locally.  Tuskegee is one local city impacted by the government shutdown.  It’s home to numerous historic sites, like the Tuskegee Airmen National Historic Site, which is now closed.

“It looks really dead, it looks weird,” explained Tuskegee resident Edwin Turk.

Turk lives just a few minutes from the Historic Site and says he’s never seen it like this before.  Usually, he’d expect to see at least 30 cars in the parking lot.

“You’ve got people coming from out of state, from other countries just to visit the airmen, college students, families coming just to visit,” he shared.

A government shutdown is all too familiar to Tuskegee resident Carol Smith.  She worked at the V.A. during a past shutdown that lasted around two weeks and says it can really take a toll on families.

“It’s a hardship on people unless you have a little bit of savings that can help hold you over during times like that,” Smith shared.

The Tuskegee Institute National Historic Site and the Selma to Montgomery National Historic Trail are also closed due to the partial government shutdown.

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