Selma Mayor Expecting Challenging New Year

From the West Alabama Newsroom–

Selma Mayor Darrio Melton is anticipating a challenging year in 2019 as he leads one of the oldest cities in the state boldly into the new year.

Melton says crime is an issue that cities all around the country have to deal with.

Melton says in Selma — workforce development is another challenge that needs to be addressed.

He says dealing with the financial challenges that caused him to lay off nearly seventy city workers will be one of the major challenges in 2019.

“Tough decisions have to be made. As I’ve said before in my budget I’ve presented to the council we have to raise revenue. When there’s not enough revenue coming in to meet the expenditures, you have to make tough decisions,” he said.

Close to sixty percent of the city’s budget is generated from sales taxes.

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