Pike County Schools Are Adding School Resource Officers

A school shooting could happen anywhere.

Pike County schools are doing their best to ensure that does not happen in any of their five schools.

“The way the world is today, you can never say that you’re never gonna have an incident at the schools,” Pike County Superintendent Dr. Mark Bazzell says. “The addition of school resource officers, you know, just makes our campuses safer.”

Pike County schools partnered with the Pike County Sheriff Department and the County Commission to hire a deputy to help patrol the schools.

The first resource officer began this week.

“By being on the campuses, by having a sheriff’s vehicle there, by having a sheriffs deputy on campus, you never know what you might prevent,” Pike County Sheriff Russell Thomas says.

Pike County School System provided funding specifically for school safety to hire the officer from the sheriffs department. The money will fund the salary of the resource officer.

The County Commission provided money for training and equipment.

Bazzell says the goal is to have a resource officer in all five schools, but it may take some time for funding to come.

For now, one resource officer will patrol Goshen’s Elementary and High Schools, as well as Banks School.

“Some of the things that we’re trying to do is harden the perimeter of our schools,” Bazzell says.

But it doesn’t stop there. He’s looking for other ways to help protect students, faculty and staff.

“We’re even looking at some new technology that will help us in terms of who’s coming into and out of our schools,” Bazzell says.

Sheriff Thomas says the joint effort is effective.

“We’re all trying to be proactive, rather than reactive,” Thomas says. “You know, we don’t want have to react to a situation when we could have possibly prevented the situation.”

The school system is also looking for partner agencies that can bring mental health programs into the school system.


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