Pike Road Residents Looking Ahead

For many people living in Pike Road “Progress” is their word to describe the town. However, as we go into 2019 they are hoping for a little more.

For the most part, people in Pike Road say they enjoy the small town atmosphere. But they have some of the same things on their minds for the new year.

“It would be nice if we had a grocery store, close by. That would be my main thing,” says Tammy Griffin.

“First thing that I would like to see a grocery story-maybe a Publix,” says William Paul.

Some say, the drive is a bit of a stretch to Montgomery for shopping.

“I think retail would actually be really good because for some people who live farther out on Pike Road it’s harder – well Eastchase isn’t too far but it can be,” says Hazan Finlay.

“A cleaners….Just a couple of things that wouldn’t have to go all the way into Montgomery to do. We do have a nail salon. We have a hair cutting salon. We have several restaurants here and we have sell gifts to so we try to offer a little more that what people are used to,” says Griffin.

Pike Road Mayor Gordon Stone says residents still l have much to look forward to.

“We’re constantly looking to partner with all the right kinds of businesses, all of the things that are compliment the Pike Road area. That’s one of the reasons that we’ve been able to boast about being one of the fastest growing communities in Alabama,” says Stone.

While more shopping is on everyone’s list.  Some say they are content with the progress of the Pike Road School System.

“I think the development of the schools has been great. I think both the mayor, city council, and the fact that they initially brought in a really good superintendent have really enhanced the living conditions for out here as far as families go,” says Paul.

Mayor Gordon Stone says that there are several special events for pike road residents coming up in 2019.
You can find them by clicking here.

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