Keeping New Year Fitness Resolutions

According to a survey by NPR, exercising more is the number one New Year’s resolution. Every year millions of Americans go through their annual “join a gym” routine.  People go to the gym at the onset of the new year with hopes to build a better body , but many of them fall short.

I spoke with Donna Ellis, she is head coach at Orange Theory Fitness in Montgomery. She gave me a few tips, on what people can do to reach their fitness goals.

  • Take small steps. Don’t just jump all in at once. Pace yourself and set up small victories to reach your big goal.
  • Make it measurable. You need to be able to see progress. Smartwatches and fitness trackers can help.
  • Be smart with your New Year’s fitness resolution.
  • Make it attainable. Don’t set an outrageous goal. It has to be something that is doable.
  • Have a reason behind your goal. If you don’t have a reason behind your goal, you don’t know what you are working for.
  • Plan for setbacks. Things such as schedule changes and emergencies can easily derail an exercise routine. Plan for them.
  • Have a support group. Positive reinforcement, and people who understand what you are going through can encourage.

Use these tips to stay on the path to a healthier body this year.

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