National Championship Game Day Fans Watch Game on MPAC’s Big Screen

This year’s National Championship game had many fans in Montgomery pumped Monday night.

“I wanted to come out to get a new feel of the championship game. We always watch the game at home. So we wanted to come out and watch it on the nice big screen and just enjoy the crowd,” says Alabama fan Natasha Wright.

The doors of the Montgomery Performing Arts Centre opened for Alabama and Clemson fans to watch the game on the big screen.

Some say, they never miss a year to attend the free showing.

“This has been about the third or fourth time that I’ve come to watch the national championship game. Fortunately, Alabama seems to be in it every year,” says Alabama fan John Hall.

“We had so much fun. We felt like we were actually at the ballgame. There was a lot of cheering. So we thought that we would try it again. Although we have cable, we could’ve watched it at the house. We still thought we would enjoy like we did last year,” says Alabama fan Brenda Hunt.

Whether it’s a loss or win for their team, some fans say they are still proud of this year’s road to the national championship game.

“Nick Saban is just so good. We just enjoy it. Every game is just so great for them,” says Hunt.

Fans say the atmosphere is worth the watch at MPAC.

“When you’re surrounded by screaming fans about middle through the game, it really makes it exciting,” says Hall.

Also at MPAC showing of the game, MPAC officials were collecting can goods for the Montgomery Area Food Bank from fans who came to watc

h the game.

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