Political Analyst Steve Flowers Weighs in on Montgomery’s 2019 Mayoral Race

Montgomery’s Mayor’s race may be month’s away. But one person who has their sights set on city hall. Montgomery County Commission Chairman Elton Dean has thrown his name into the hat. Alabama News Network spoke with Political Analyst Steve Flowers on the upcoming mayoral race.

For nearly a decade, Elton Dean has served as the Montgomery County Commission Chairman.  Now, he’s hoping to be elected mayor of Montgomery.

“Elton Dean will be one of the forerunners. He’s a very viable candidate elected citywide and actually countywide as Montgomery County Commission Chairman,” says Political Analyst Steve Flowers.

Political Analyst Steve Flowers says dean’s current role as chairman of the county commission could be good training ground, if he were elected mayor.

“Maybe it’s a good stepping stone for mayor. It’s a similar job because you’re actually chairman of the county government. Although he’s not really elected county wide. He’s elected within a district,” says Flowers.

If elected, Dean would be Montgomery’s first African American Mayor. That’s something flowers says, Montgomery has been ready for, for years.

“If Todd Strange had not be a candidate running for election, four years ago would’ve been the right time. I think you’ve got well qualified African American leaders in this city, says Flowers.

As for the timing of Dean’s announcement?

“It’s smart of him to get in their early. Sometimes the early bird gets the worm and and wards off the opposition. People think-it was rumored that he was going to run but they know for sure he is going to run now,” says Flowers.

The Montgomery Municipal election is August 27th.

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