Elton Dean Announces Candidacy for Mayor of Montgomery

Tuesday afternoon, Montgomery County Commission President Elton Dean announced his candidacy for the office of Mayor of Montgomery.

Dean made his candidacy official through a video that was released on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

The full text of Dean’s announcement in as follows:

“I’m Elton Dean and I’m proud to announce that I’m running to be Montgomery’s next Mayor. 2019 is going to be the year that we come together to make all of Montgomery a better place to live, work and pray together.

I want to be the mayor that works to move all of Montgomery forward. No more West Montgomery and East Montgomery. Just all of us working with one goal; to better our entire community, as one team.

With your support, we can improve Montgomery. This city has its share of problems. I am no stranger to the obstacles we face but this city has a historical foundation built on overcoming obstacles. Montgomery has a history and a spirit of overcoming and moving forward. This is the city where Dr. King gave his Sunday sermons. This is the place where Rosa Parks took her historical stand against injustice.

Now, we must all stand together and use that same passion and commitment to build on that foundation for better jobs, better education and a better life for every Montgomery man, woman and child. We will work together to build a first-class education system because that is what our students, our teachers and our citizens deserve. I want to work with educators and parents to navigate a path to excellence in our schools. It won’t be easy but we can and we must do it together.

We must put in a plan of action to protect our most vulnerable citizens. Our children, our elderly and disabled, and especially our veterans. Working within our government and with community groups, charities, churches and community service organizations, we can ensure that our most precious citizens are well take care of.

I’m Elton Dean and I am asking you to join me in making a better Montgomery together.”

If elected, Dean would become the first African-American mayor of Montgomery.

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