City Of Brundidge Working to Revitalize Downtown

The city of Brundidge is working to bring improvements to its downtown area.

The town has formed committees to help look for ways to bring business, spruce up store fronts, and add events to the calendar.

“There are so many things that are unique to Brundidge, that’s special about Brundidge that we want everyone to experience,” co-chair of the Brundidge Revitalization Committee Dr. Antoinette Wilson says.

Residents and businesses owners are encouraged to help.

“We have so many amazing businesses coming in and some that are already here,” general manager of Jackson Hardware Co Wendy Sanders says. “I think that if we work together and build each town and make it look beautiful, like it once was, a lot of people came to Brundidge for that purpose.”

Five new businesses are opening their doors, including a beauty supply store and a small engine repair department.

“Citizens within any city are proud to be apart of a city thats thriving, and that’s contributing to the things they feel thats important,” Wilson says.

Wilson says the committees are also raising money for a Sports Wall of Fame.

It will celebrate the city’s rich history in athletics.

“That’s going to highlight individuals that graduated from Pike County High School that went on to do remarkable things in athletics” Wilson says.

“We’ve got so many athletes, like Fred Baxter, Mr. Griffin,” Sanders says.

Wilson says improving the downtown area is going to take a city-wide group effort.

“We have a city that has a remarkable character, has a remarkable culture and we’re embracing that. “We’re trying to have more things that encompasses all of the wonderful and unique things about Brundidge.”


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