County Commission Chairman Elton Dean Discusses Decision to Run For Montgomery Mayor

In a video message posted to social media Tuesday, Montgomery County Commissioner Elton Dean  proudly announced his bid fro Montgomery Next Mayor. Dean is the first to announce his candidacy do far.

When asked about his decision to enter the race he told Alabama Network Wednesday,  that he became serious about running after his wife’s death last year.

“I always contemplated running but my wife had taken ill and I was taking care of her for about 3 years” he explained “She passed in May, and I think that was the confirmation that God gave me…to get out and make something happen in the community”.

Dean has served on the Montgomery County Commission since 2000, and as chairman since 2009. He says the role has more than prepared him to take on the mayor seat. With 8 months until the election, the race is far from crowded, still Montgomery mayor Todd Strange says he’s not endorsing any candidate.

“Absolutely not” Strange said, but he admits he is willing to “have a conversation, about what its like to be a mayor” with any mayoral candidates. He clarified though, “I won’t give them any advice on how to get there, but certainly with 10 years of experience I might could offer a word or 2”.

If elected, Dean would become the first African-American mayor of Montgomery, to that Dean said “Well i’m not trying to be the first black mayor I want to be the best mayor…I want to bring people together, I want to do it together”.

Dean says that’s the message he’ll continue to spread until the municipal election on August 27th.


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