Montgomery City Officials to Find Solutions to Celebratory Gunfire Issues

The gunfire heard on New Year’s Eve, is still frightening to some people like John Phillips who lives in Montgomery’s Garden District.

“There were some people that showed up in the emergency room with gunshot wounds. We had some residents in our neighborhood that had damage to their roofs. It’s just a stupid thing to carry on,” says Phillips.

Phillips says after recently speaking with Montgomery Police Chief Ernest Finley, he is confident the problem will be taken care of.

“Basically what he said was, instead of responding to calls, they are going to try to get a step ahead of them, saturate the neighborhoods where the problems are happening and stay in these neighborhoods, rather than responding to a call and leave and just try to stay on top of it,” says Phillips.

Montgomery Mayor Todd Strange says new technology, that has not been revealed by MPD yet, is on the way.  Strange also hopes to speak with city council members to discuss the idea of drafting a city ordinance that would make celebratory gun fire a misdemeanor in the city.

“The max fine you can have is $500 but there’s no mandatory jail time so perhaps we need to put mandatory jail time,” says Strange.

But the only way to make those arrests strange says, is to move forward with new technology that can attack the problem.

“You can only make an arrest by the MPD, the police or the sheriff if in fact you see the act. You can rely on the neighbor saying so and so and so and so were shooting. You can’t even rely on video. You have to see it,” says Strange.

Mayor Strange says he expects the additional technology to be up and running in the next couple of months.

A couple of residents say they plan to speak on the issue at next week’s city council meeting.


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