Crime Down in Montgomery? Police Chief, Mayor Present 2018 Crime Stats

Crime stats in Montgomery are out, and you may be surprised to find out which crimes the city had less of last year.

Montgomery Police Chief Ernest Finley gave the report using this spreadsheet Thursday morning at the weekly mayors briefing:

They compare last years crime stats to 2017.   

The report says the city had less homicides, aggravated assaults, felony sex cases, burglary and property theft — a 1.8% decrease in violent crime. But not all crime had the same downward trend.

In 2018 there were:

69 more robbery cases, 27 of them businesses
97 more more cases of property stolen from a vehicle
180 more stolen vehicles , than 2018

Still, Montgomery Mayor Todd Strange says the stats show that there were less victims last year.

“This year we had 240 less victims, last year we had 266 less victims” said Strange “so over a 2 year period of time we’ve got about 500 less victims so crime is in fact down”.

With a nearly 2%  decrease in violent crime, officials plan to continue some initiatives they say helped curb crime last year, like more officers in high crime areas, and even some new technology, although details are limited right now.”Essentially what its going to be is more eyes in the sky more opportunity for visuals to see some suspicious activity in real time”, Strange vaguely explained.

He said the police department plans to give a more detailed announcement of the new technology in February but it will resemble “Operation Shield”,  an initiative that is currently used by the Mobile Police Department.  The dept. now has access to over 2,000 live security camera feeds from the Mobile County School System, the Alabama Department of Transportation and more.




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