Inauguration Ceremony One Day Away

Crews have been working hard to get the Capitol steps ready for Monday’s inauguration ceremony.

Alabama’s newly elected officials will take the stage for their oaths of office in front of viewers.

Street closures will take effect early Monday morning, as the city prepares for the special events planned.

“In past years, by-gone years, inaugurations were very very big events, there were big parades, numerous inaugural balls,” political analyst Steve Flowers says.

Laura Aubule of Montgomery’s Cloverdale district was out walking her dog when she saw the work being done on the Captiol steps.

“I kinda forgotten it was tomorrow so I’ll watch it on t.v,” Aubile says.

Students who are visiting from Washington say they come from a state that does not have the fanfare Alabama has for inaugurations.

“I think it’s like a celebration of like a change,” Montgomery tourist Jordan Pauzie says, “because by changing government, and governors, you’re kinda changing a policy and you’re kinda embracing that by having the public watch it too.”

“It’s a lot different than Seattle,” tourist Demi Bandow says. “It’s like kinda just a lot cooler to see it and watch because we don’t get to experience it ever.”

Some people like Aubule, say being able to see Governor Ivey and others on a public stage is meaningful.

“I think its good, I mean I think the people need to see their governor being inaugurated. I think the more transparency, the better it is for the people,” Aubile says.

The ceremony will begin at 10 A.M. followed by a parade that will run down Dexter Avenue.

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