Volunteers Celebrate MLK Day Through Service, Sacrifice

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr lived his life serving others. Following his example, local residents volunteered at non-profits and served on the annual Martin Luther King, Jr Day of Service.

Monday’s cold weather didn’t stop over 200 volunteers from serving on a day remembering an icon- Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

“Well my personal hero is Dr. Martin Luther King,” Hands-On River Region’s Leslie Martorana says. “He stood for service, he stood for equality that each person should have equal opportunity.”

Martorana says they chose the local nonprofit “That’s My child” for their annual MLK Day of Service project this year.

TMC helps draw teenagers off the streets and into a learning environment.

“I met Charles Lee about two years ago with That’s My Child and we were all blown away by the wonderful work hes doing,” Martorana says.

Volunteers grabbed rakes, filled paint buckets, and got to work.
Others filled hygiene bags with soap, lotions, and shampoos for some of Montgomery’s homeless.

“It feels really nice because Ilike helping people,” volunteer Avery Casey says. “Like whenever I see somebody that needs help, I just wanna go over there and help them.”

TMC founder Charles Lee says he was overwhelmed by the response from volunteers coming to help clean up his non-profit site.

“They could be out doing anything else,” Lee says. “It’s definitely a great day off work, a great day off school, but everybody chose to come out and serve. Thats what Martin Luther King did.”

Whether they were raking leaves or painting walls, volunteers say there is a greater purpose to their attendance.

“On Martin Luther King’s birthday, this is the day on for us and not a day off,” Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority president Alonzetta Landrum-Sims says. “And our day on is to be a day of service for all mankind and this project was one that we decided would that was worthwhile.”

“He was not for a specific group, but he was for right, he was for fairness,” volunteer Brandon Chesson says.

That’s My Child was founded in 2012. It uses education, dance, and technology classes to teach life lessons to its students.


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