Pike Piddler’s Story-Telling Festival Begins This Weekend

It’s story telling season in Pike County.

Every year, people from all around make their way to Pike County to hear stories from long ago at the Pike Piddler’s Story-Telling Festival, which is set for this weekend.

“We have people coming as far away as Atlanta to our story telling festival this weekend,” Brundidge Historical Society President Lawrence Bowden says. “That’s how much they like it. And we have people coming from Birmingham.”

Four story tellers- Donald Davis, Sheila Kay Adams, Michael Reno Harrell, and Kevin Kling- will perform for crowds in four sessions.

Those session begin Friday night. The first will be at the Piddle Around Theatre in Brundidge. The other three take place Saturday on Troy University’s campus, beginning at 10 AM. The Friday night session and the Saturday 2 PM session have all sold out.

Tickets are available for Saturday’s 10 AM and 6:30 PM sessions. Live music is scheduled for entertainment. Tickets for each individual session are $10.

Bowden says each performer’s stories are different for each session and will bring mixed emotions.

“It’s really a time of enjoyment. They tell stories that are funny. Some of them are musicians as well. They sing and play instruments as well. And then their stories they tell range from being hilariously funny to poignant, emotional type that as people often say, and we say as well leaves ya with a lump in your throat.”

The stories told are often from memories and experiences each performer has gone through, some of which the audience may remember from their own childhoods as well.

“Story telling is kinda inherent,” Bowden says. “We like to hear our parents tell stories about their boyhood, things that they did- a hunting trip, a fishing trip.”

The festival is sponsored by the Alabama State Council on the Arts. You can call 334-685-5524 for more information.

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