Selma Movie Theater Set to Reopen After Shutdown

From the West Alabama Newsroom–

The only movie theater in Selma is set to reopen this weekend after a temporary shutdown.

The Walton Theater has been closed now for about two weeks because of technical problems.

Theater operators say no sound could be heard on movies during playback.

They say a special audio processor had to be ordered for the equipment — and installed by a technician — to fix the problem.

“A lot of people been nervous about the theater being closed. And we got great support from the community,” said Rev. John Grayson.

“I want to appreciate everyone who have called, sent texts, Facebook posts concerned about the theater and that is overwhelming and I appreciate the community for their concern. However, we should have it up and going as I said, this weekend.”

Grayson say the theater should be up and running and back to normal — by the weekend.

He says the feature presentation — will be Aquaman.

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