Central Alabama Community Foundation Assisting with Wetumpka Tornado Relief Fund

Following the devastating tornado in Wetumpka, people  have answered to the call, to give of their time and money to help storm victims recover.

Now, the Central Alabama Community Foundation is accepting applications from anyone who needs assistance.

“We will be helping to go through those applications see what damaged that people have incurred, what types of extra support they need to repair their property and then we’ll start giving out money to those individuals,” says Burton Crenshaw with CACF.

They are also taking donations from the public.

“When we saw all the devastation after the tornado we wanted to jump into action and we knew people would be generous in giving donations,” says Crenshaw.

In only a short time, donations are piling up.

“As of yesterday we have raised over $40,000 and money keeps coming and it’s been amazing. It’s from all over the United States,” says Crenshaw.

Crenshaw says there are some people who really stand out.

“We got a handwritten note from somebody from a little town in Alabama that I never heard of saying “I experienced a tornado back in 2012 and I know what it’s like and I wanted to help these people out this time,” says Crenshaw.

The group is partnering with others next month for a benefit concert and 5K run.  Those funds will also go to the city’s tornado relief fund.

“We want anybody who wants to run or walk to come do this because the proceeds will go back into this relief effort,” says Crenshaw.

Burton says every donation and volunteer will help Wetumpka make progress to rebuilding.

“It’s just concerned citizens doing all they can to help other citizens in their community,” says Burton.

The benefit concert for the Wetumpka Tornado Relief Fund will be held February 15th at Range 231 in Wetumpka starting at 6 pm. The 5K run – also part of the relief fund will be February 23rd at Gold Star Park starting at 10 a m.

To learn more about both events click here.

If you ‘re interested in donating or would like to fill out an application for assistance click here. 


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