Family of E.J Bradford Jr. and Attorney Ben Crump React to Attorney General’s Decision Not to Charge a Hoover Police Officer in Riverchase Galleria Shooting


The family of E.J Bradford Jr.  is outraged after state Attorney General Steve Marshall ruled that a Hoover Police Officer will not be charged with Bradford’s death.

Bradford was killed during a shooting on Thanksgiving night at the Riverchase Galleria in Hoover.

A 26 page report from the attorney general’s office explains Marshall’s decision. It also explains the officer-involved shooting second by second.

After months of questions, the surveillance video is finally released showing the shooting death of E.J Bradford Jr. at the hands of a Hoover Police Officer whose name has not been publicly released.

Attorney General Steve Marshall says after a thorough investigation, by the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency, that the officer will not be charged.

“What we produced is not only a lengthy report going second by second to what happened here through an analysis of the law and our ethical obligation in producing the facts related to this,” says Marshall.

“He covered it up. he sanitized it just so this officer can get over in murdering my son and that’s the bottom line. he didn’t have the nerve or the decency to come up here and meet me face to face as a man. you’re a coward,” says Bradford’s father, Emantic Bradford Sr.

Police originally thought Bradford – who had a gun was responsible for shooting two other people during the November 22nd shooting. Officers later retracted that statement.

20-year-old Erron Brown was later charged in shooting one of those individuals.

“We’ve given the people in Alabama an opportunity to see unprecedented way how we made this decision and why and we believe this an appropriate way to go forward,” says Marshall.

Despite the ruling, E.J Bradford’s family attorney Ben Crump is still calling for justice.

“Look at the video for yourself. he is not part of the initial confrontation. he was away. he also goes back to get his gun as he goes back to protect his friend which he has every right to do. he absolutely did nothing wrong on that video,” says Crump.

Crump says, the Hoover Officer shot because of fear, of a black man with a gun.

“We’re not just going to let this be forgotten about. that’s not allowed . that is not acceptable and so they can get ready for the community to react because the community is going to be outraged when they see this video and the fact that police didn’t give him any verbal warning,” says Crump.

Marshall also says that it is his understanding that the Federal Bureau of Investigation looked at this case and concluded there was no evidence to pursue a civil rights violation case against the Hoover Police Officer.

Click here to read the attorney general’s full report of the ruling.

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