Rifle Proof Vests Donated to Selma PD


From the West Alabama Newsroom–

Being a police officer in the city of Selma just got a little bit safer thanks to a donation from the community.

Twenty-two new rifle-proof vests for police officers were delivered to the police department Tuesday afternoon.

“We’re so appreciative of this community to take the initiative to put their time, their effort, their own money and to raising the money for this. Its humbling for them to see the need, for us to articulate the need and them respond,” said Police Chief Spencer Collier.

Money for the vests were raised through the Cemetery 5-K and 1-Mile Fun Run.

Rex Jones organized the event.

“We just kind of saw a need. We feel like these first-responders, they put their lives on the line everyday and the least we can do is just try to do something to make their lives a little bit safer,” he said.

More than $30,000 dollars was pledged during the event to help buy equipment for firefighters and police.

Jones says fire fighters will be getting new turnout-gear delivered in the next few weeks.



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