Montgomery Public Schools Remains Accredited Under Review After Latest AdvancedEd Report


After facing critical problems, Montgomery public schools received good news Friday.

The results from a monitoring review done in December 2018 labels the system accredited under review. There was a room full of relieved MPS officials hearing those results.  The next step involves more improvement and sustaining other areas that have met expectations.

“I think with the sustaining I think we’re already on that track already. We are moving forward and sustaining. I just want to see us succeed and move even further forward,” says Clare Weil, MPS Board President.

Dr. Andre Harrison, Director of AdvancedEd presented the report.  The report shows, the system excels in finances, strategic resource management and classroom instruction adjusted to meet each student’s needs.

“There’s work towards meeting student achievement and making sure that the students are afforded a quality education anytime they want in any door of any Montgomery County school,” says Harrison.

“The young people represent about 20 percent of the population but they are one hundred percent of our future and in order for our future to be what it is we must take care and love our children,” says Claudia Mitchell, MPS Board Vice President.

Harrison’s team would like to see improvement in leadership and the system’s efforts to make sure that curriculum is aligned to standards and best practices. Both areas have improved since the system’s last review but haven’t quite met expectations.

“That’s where they’re probably going to focus their work but as I told them during my presentation also it’s about continuous improvement so while they’ve met expectations in three of those areas for the standards they need to think about sustainability,” says Harrison.

After Friday’s report, board members are confident they’ll see more improvement before their next review.

“We have one option – that’s to move forward and move up,” says Mitchell.

MPS is required to undergo another review in June of this year.

Click here to view AdvanceEd’s monitoring review report for MPS.

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