Montgomery’s Ridgecrest Community Remembers Miriam Thomas, 79, Killed in Hit and Run

79 year old Miriam Thomas was a much loved neighbor. She was killed in a hit and run early Thursday morning. Residents of the Ridgecrest neighborhood in Montgomery say she was a pillar of the community.

Residents called her  “Miss Thomas”, and they say it will be difficult to look down Edgemont Avenue, and not see her every morning. Each and every morning Miss Thomas could be seen sweeping and picking up trash, doing her best to keep her community looking good.  “She was really an asset, she lived in the neighborhood, she cared for the neighborhood, and just passing by most people would see her all the time.”

People who saw her often said she always kept the block clean. She was beautiful woman, sweet, loving, and always trying to help many people and giving back. She was a life-long educator, and her family is well known in Montgomery. Residents say they hope and pray that whoever is responsible will turn themselves in.

The police have released video of a vehicle they believe hit Miriam Thomas. It appears to be a 1990’s to 2000 model small sedan in a light grey or silver color.

If you have information that can lead to an arrest in this case, please call crimestoppers at 215-stop.

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