Homes Damaged After Storms Move Through Wetumpka

Less than a month after an E-F 2 tornado hit Wetumpka, some people are once again cleaning up after a strong line of storms moved through the area Tuesday.

Residents on Tuskeena Street now have more trees and storm damage in their backyards.   One homeowner says his home was practically left untouched in last month’s tornado, but today’s storm brought a massive tree down on his house.   He says the some of the walls are shifted and the rafters are cracked.  Many people can’t believe this area got hit again.

“This tree is probably at least 135 years old, that’s how old the house is. It’s just very unfortunate, it’s a beautiful tree,” shared homeowner Mark Howard.

“Winds from a few weeks ago loosened up some of these trees, so it didn’t take a whole lot to knock some of this down. That created the damage that we’re seeing here today,” explained Alabama News Network Chief Meteorologist Shane Butler.

Just like last month, the community jumped right into action to begin the clean up process once again.

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