Pike County Probate Office Making Life Easier for Goshen Residents

The hassle of travel just got a little bit easier for Goshen residents after the Pike County Probate Office opened a satellite office Wednesday morning in Goshen City Hall.

“This was an opportunity that we saw to provide services to the people in the rural parts of our county,” Pike County Probate Judge Michael Bunn says.

Bunn says the office, located in the city hall conference room, will provide the same services at a more convenient location.

“They’ll offer auto tag renewal, boat tag renewal. They’ll be able to apply for handicapped plaque or renew a handicapped plaque,” Bunn says. “We’re going to try to offer as many services as possible.”

Goshen Mayor Darren Jordan says the new office will also be more of a convenience for farmers and the town’s elderly.

“They may make one trip a week, one trip a month to town and this is just another added service,” Jordan says. “They can walk 15 foot from the senior center they’ve got, they can walk in here and take care of their business.”

Bunn is hoping to reduce the long lines at the court house. The Probate office is expecting to announce another satellite office for another Pike County town.

“We’re hoping to open a banks office one day a month,” Bunn says. “We’re working with the mayor there to set that up.”

Former Probate Judge Wes Allen opened a satellite office in Brundidge a few years ago.

The Goshen probate office is available on the second Wednesday of every month from 9 AM to 3 PM.

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