Former Troy Grad Speaks About Social Media, Life Lessons

Social media has ushered a golden age in journalism: news can reach audiences faster with one click.

That was the topic at Monday’s annual Troy University’s M. Stanton Evans Symposium for journalism students.

The speaker was former Troy University graduate Micah Grimes , who now heads social media for one of the world’s largest networks- NBC News.

Grimes talked to students Monday about the advantages and disadvantages of using social media.

“It’s an interesting time, some may say frightening time, some may say a thrilling time,” Grimes says.  “I think we are living a bit of that time in social media where anyone can publish anything now which is scary but also amazing. its gives people who didn’t have a voice previously a voice but also obviously gives us the issues that we’re seeing today”

Those issues, like fake news, have caused distrust in the media in recent years, which is something Grimes says he fights every day.

“The way that I challenge fake news is just to be the strong journalist, the tenants of journalism, trying to get the sides.”

Students Taylor Pollock and Emma Daniel are two students who are aiming for careers in the broadcast and print journalism fields. They say they learned valuable life lessons that they hope to use in their future careers.

“You just have to keep getting up and pressing forward,” Pollock says. “Getting those failures now while you’re in school and learning from those mistakes will help you when you get into the professional world.”

“He really drove in that you have to be dedicated, that you have to work hard,” Daniel says.

Grimes says social media has become a vital tool in the world today, but taking a break from it is also important.

“I recently deleted the Twitter and Facebook app from my phone and what you realize is it can be addictive,” Grimes says.

Grimes is a 2010 broadcast journalism graduate of Troy, where he also played football. He is now based in New York, where he oversees social efforts with more than 25 million followers of dozens of brands. Grimes also leads a 24/7 team of editors in New York, Los Angeles, and London.

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