Pike Road Fire Dept. Makes Scanner Traffic Available on App

One local fire department wants you to stay connected.  They want you to be connected not just on Facebook or Twitter, but also by accessing their radio traffic when they respond to emergencies.

Pike Road Fire Department is encouraging people to check out local scanner traffic from time to time.  Listening to scanner traffic online has been an option for years, but now the department has made its scanner traffic available through mobile apps like Zello.   Pike Road Fire Chief Matt Missildine says this is not just about keeping the public informed, it’s also an effort to make emergency scenes safer for first responders.

“It’s one thing to be informed while you’re sitting around your house, okay it may be useful because you might be fixing to go somewhere, but when you have your phone with you it’s with you wherever you are,” Missildine explained.

For more information about accessing Pike Road Fire Department’s scanner traffic, click here.

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